Federal project *international competition of art and creativity < br>-2019*
Federal project *international competition of art and creativity < br><url>-2019*

    Дата проведения:
    25 - 31 October 2019
    Место проведения:
    Форма участия:
    Online correspondence course
    Constellation Center
    Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation

    Good afternoon, dear colleagues and friends!

    The results of the competition will be published no later than November 8, 2019 on
    the Results and media page of our site

    After the contest results are published You can order an exclusive winner’s Cup until November 15, 2019 inclusive. the photo of this Cup is shown below.
    Cups can be ordered for all ranks from the 1st degree Laureate to the 3rd degree diploma Holder.
    The cost of the Cup is 1,100 rubles.

    The cups will be sent by Russian POST to
    the postal addresses you provided.

    You also need to pay the shipping cost immediately.
    Delivery cost for the Volga and Central Federal districts –
    450 rubles (together with the packaging — box)
    for the rest of the Federal districts delivery cost –
    550 rubles ( together with the packaging-box).
    If you order several cups, the price for shipment does not change!

    Example of a letter for ordering a Cup:
    a “the organizing Committee Dear!
    Please send the Cup in the amount of 3 for registration numbers 19, 20, 21 according to the final table of winners
    to the following address: “______”. The receipt is paid and attached. ”

    send emails about Cup orders only to email

    Other emails will not be processed!
    The distribution of diplomas and cups will be carried out according to the registration numbers in order from previously submitted applications to later ones until December 5, 2019

    Sample Cup