International TV and Internet project competition-festival " National heritage-2014"


National heritage 2014 gala concert (full HD TV Version)

Grand Prix Duet of May Egorova and Anna Orlova Cheboksary

GRAND Prix Road from the city of Kazan Sabantuy

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Competition Entries

Member of the Jury Valery Lavrov-Sunny days

Member of the organizing Committee Roman Unit-the best day

Golden star Voroshilova Ekaterina Cheboksary


International TV competition-festival "Constellation-2014"


Gala Concert of the international competition Constellation-2014 (Full HD version)

* GRAND PRIX* Choreography theater of choreographic miniatures "Style" g .Saint-Petersburg

*GRAND Prix* VOCAL Duet "Caramel sky" Garegin Milan, Bagrov Paul Novokuybyshevsk

Competition Entries

* GRAND PRIX* vocal Show group "Edelweiss" Saransk

*GRAND Prix* the choreography of folk dance theatre "Rapture", Cheboksary

*Gold star* May Egorova CHEBOKSARY - Skyfall