Special project: * international competition for creators of toys, dolls and Teddy bears
*My fairy tale-2020 - My fairy tale*
Дата проведения:
January 10-15, 2020;
accepting applications until January 9, 2020 inclusive
Место проведения:
Форма участия:
Production Center * CONSTELLATION*

Dear colleagues and friends!

Welcome to our new special project
international competition the creators of toy dolls and Teddy bears

*My fairy tale – 2020-My fairy tale*


On cold winter evenings, we offer you a Cup of hot tea to plunge into a fairy tale. Create a doll of your dreams or your favorite fairy-tale hero. You can breathe life into Teddy bear and his friends, and if you like watercolor and pencil, your illustration a highly professional jury will also evaluate it.

Participants can be fans and professionals of puppet art of different age categories:

up to 9 years old; 10 to 12 years old; 13 to 15 years old; 16 to 20 years old;

21 years and older (no age restrictions);

in categories:

Doll world

textile and stucco Dolls, knitted dolls, Blythe dolls, Reborn dolls,

costume and accessories, author’s illustrations, doll sketches.

Fairytale world

Fairies, Elves, Trolls, Goblins, Dwarves, Witches, composition, (with colorful characters stucco, textile,

author’s illustrations)

The world of Teddy and his friends

Classic, Miniature, Friends, Creative, Vintage, still Life, textile,

Composition, Author’s illustrations

The world of cozy things

– Author’s illustrations, Doll furniture, Rumboxes, houses (doll, decorative), Christmas toys, Textile toys (textile primitives, “attic” toys, tilde animals, textile decorative items)

Entries are accepted in two versions:

1 contest entry = 1 video

1 contest entry = 3 photos (from different angles)

Copyrights to the materials are reserved for the contest participants, the organizing Committee only provides a platform for their publication. The authors of the works are responsible for the copyright of third parties, which is confirmed by the authors when filling out the application for participation.

we Wish you creative inspiration and victories!

Предварительный состав жюри
Барткайтис Елена Кировна (Bartkaitis Elena Kirovna)

Chevalier of the Order of Friendship, Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation, Honorary Professor of Ulyanovsk State University, artistic director and choreographer of the Exiton variety ballet, winner of the regional competition for the title of Best Choreographer of the Year - 98, two-time laureate of the Ulyanovsk State University Board of Trustees prize in the field of culture in 2002, 2004. , winner of the honorary mantle of the university, winner of the Russian National Excellence Award, for his contribution to the development of modern choreography in 2006, the best choreographer in Russia in 2005, winner of the commemorative medal Best People of Russia, owner of the badge of honor of the Ulyanovsk region For Faith and Virtue, .Ulyanovsk ELENA BARTKAITIS EXCITON VARIETY BALLET - 81-time Laureate and Grand Prix winner of All-Russian and international competitions, including Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, France, Japan, Cuba, Greece, China, Tunisia. Champion of Russia, Champion of Europe, 5-time World Champion in dance show among children and juniors. Champion of Eastern Europe in jazz modern dance. Winner of the World Cup in modern dance styles among children, juniors and adults. The best collective of 2006 according to the results of the Dance Klondike magazine. Awarded with S. Diaghilev's medal for the benefit of Russian culture. 2-time gold medalist of the Delphic Games of Russia in the category of modern dance in 2009. Grand World Champion, Hollywood Star winner, Los Angeles, America. (Ulyanovsk)

Козлов Геннадий Васильевич (Kozlov Gennady Vasilievich)

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Director of the Chuvash State Art Museum, artist, member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation, member of the Presidium of the Board of the Union of Artists of Chuvashia, Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences. Cheboksary

Спиридонов Юрий Николаевич (Spiridonov Yuri Nikolaevich)

Famous Russian film director, screenwriter and actor, his works, films - "The Way of Kindness", "The Way of the Warrior", "Tower", "Chaklun", "Rumba", "Roadside" and "Yegor Shilov", Member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Republic of Belarus, Creative producer of the international label Kol rekords (France), Founder of the world's first Military Film Festival named after Yuri Nikolaevich Ozerova, General Producer of the first national film studio "Chuvashfilm".